When Zwift Play Controller BRAKES your SPRINT!

After a week of exciting use of the Zwift Play controller, here comes the profound disappointment!
Yes… the fact that you can’t disable the useless braking feature (I don’t know who or what it could possibly be useful for), I find myself unintentionally braking, right during the sprint! During a sprint, you’re hunched over the handlebars with all you’ve got… and pushing as hard as you can!
You certainly can’t be worrying about accidentally touching the handlebars… and that’s how you discover you’ve braked.
If this useless feature isn’t made deactivatable through settings, I think I’ll be forced to throw my Zwift Play controller in the trash!
If you want to lauch, see what happened to me. A short video is on youtube (search for the topic of this thread)

You’re lucky, you applied them by mistake.

Mine activates the brake randomly….
When you’re hanging to the front group, brakes
When you did a successful brake-away, brakes
Best one: when you’re still in the start pen and you don’t know brakes are applied, lost the race before it started.


Yours seems to be a hardware problem with the controller that has a false contact on the brake button…

I like the brake feature very useful for staying in the draft and if you need a quick bike change never accidentally braked when sprinting but then my hands are always below the buttons when sprinting

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Hi Graham,
any luck on fixing the braking issue with the Play controllers ?
I had the same issue back in August. After a couple of recalibrations, Zwift decided to replace the controllers and they sent me a new pair.
They worked fine for a couple of months but unfortunately as of this week I have the same issue with the new controllers… Emailed customer support and waiting for instructions.

I have the same problem. The controler applied brake in a middle of a sprint. Why we can’t deactivate those useless braking function.

ZWIFT, please do something about those brake, I don’t want them, so add a way to deactivate them!!!