When it rains slow the speeds down

In the real world when it rains it’s usually windy as well and speeds usually drop unless your lucky and have a tailwind. I reckon in Zwift when it rains that speeds should be lowered to better mimic the real world. This would also add some interest to things as well.

I’ve often pondered over this kind of feature.  Likewise having a wind direction and strength for the day.  One for the future perhaps?

Agreed. Zwift could use many realism features. I was disappointed to learn there was no wind as it is even written that a U-turn is used to go ‘against the wind’ in one reference.

So many great things that are suggested here would help Zwift, but no, they are always voted down. Someone writes a silly ‘I want this easier’ post and it gets voted up.

All we can do is hope  :slight_smile:

Cary, et al,

Yes, I voted this down for a simple reason - I don’t care about ‘realism’ as it it relates to making Zwift replicate actual outdoor rides (weather, random blown tires, random bike crashes, random wind, etc).  I use this for training - to get stronger.  The best way to know how I am progressing is to test myself against the same course and same conditions each time (EGR modes works very well for this training, including lack of drafting ‘help’).  That way I can watch my power and course times improve over time, which by the way is working well.  All this assumes consistent course conditions. If weather (or blown tires, etc) affected my rides (as it does in the real world) then measurements would be difficult to correlate one to the next.  I ride indoors for training/improvements/consistency.  I ride outside for fun and variety.

If Zwift did add realism to the game I would hope they would allow a on/off button for those who are using the game for consistent training - or maybe these effects would be turned off when in EGR mode.

Hopefully this helps you understand one reason for the negative votes…



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Marc, surely the best way to measure your progress is do an Ftp test? What I’m suggesting would mainly apply to racing and might spice it up a bit. I would also suggest that wind / weather would have an option to disable it.

Hi Nigel,

Yes, FTP is a good way to measure progress - I run one every 4-6 weeks to check against the progress I see on the course.  

I don’t race so I wont comment on that part - I’ll let others.  But yes, as I said, an option to disable would be appreciated.

Only so much realism is necessary.  If I want the reality of rain slowing me down or wind blowing me from the side, I’ll go outside.  If I’m on a trainer, I’m doing it for fitness first.  I’d be fine with the feature as long as we could disable it