When I stop pedalling msg Zwift exe no longer works & quits out

I have no opportunity to save my ride. i tried pressing the square button on my iphone app presuming this was a symbol for “stop” but nothing happened. How do I pause or complete a ride. I chose “just ride” at the start and wanted to stop after 20 mins and save my ride to strava. which i have connected on MyZwift.

Hi Sharleen, sorry to hear about the trouble. Can you be more specific about what you mentioned in the title of your post?  Are you getting a windows error on top of zwift once you stop pedaling that says Zwift.exe has stopped working?  If you don’t stop pedaling for a long time, does it continue to not crash?  Are you using a Tacx trainer?

When the game is working fine it’ll be obvious how to save as a very large “I’m Done” button will pop up along with the pause screen.  It sounds like you don’t get that screen because the app crashes.  

Hi sorry yes it’s a windows error and it says zwift.exe app or something sorry stopped working. The first time I did it, I still had my ride showing as partial saved, the next 20 minsession didn’t even partial save :frowning: otherwise it’s very cool. The other issue I had is I also tried downloading installer on MacBook and whenever it was finishing up download and mounting disk image it would say “mounting disk image failed” it did this twice and I gave up and loaded on my Sony laptop running vista, I’m using chrome as my browser and a tracx vortex trainer. Cheers :slight_smile:

Oh and it happens pretty much immediately i

stop pedalling 

Regarding the mobile app, you have to hold the Stop button (you’ll see it “fill” up with a darker shade of orange). This is to prevent people from accidentally hitting stop while riding, which is what used to happen.

As for the crash, please submit a support ticket via the link in the upper right. Be sure to include a complete description of the issue and the log files from your ride if possible (Documents > Zwift > Logs).