When does a sprint start for color blind people?

I love the sprints, fx. 290 meters. But 3 out of 4 times I only see the arch=the finish line - not the start. For me its almost impossible to see the line in the asphalt. Maybe because I am color blind and the color don’t stick out. I am always in the last 5%, so when I see that the front group have finished a sprint I keep my eyes on the asphalt. But the group can be minutes ahead.
A thread from jan’19 have mentioned that the start of a sprint should be better marked or a dialogue in the mittle of the screen. That could be cool. Any improvement would be appreciated. Allan

In addition to the line in the road, there should be a marker on the side of the road that designates the start of a KOM or Sprint.

GPLama did a video on it a few years ago.

Finishing sprint is with 200m or about 600 ft left in the event.

It can also be a matter of technique, for the best time you really have to hit max speed already where the timed segment starts (meaning you have to start sprinting well before you even see the marker), and of course also try to maximize draft utilization and ideally also have a useful powerup.

There aren’t that many sprint segments in all the different worlds so you should be able to learn where to do what pretty quickly. (Anybody else get caught by surprise with the latest Watopia extension, with the sprint on Seaside Sprint etc. no longer finishing right at the end of the bridge?)

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