Wheel Chair inclusion

(Mike Sima) #1

Inclusion of Wheel Chair athletes would be awesome and open up Zwift to a whole new group of participants and families.

(Paul Graham) #2

Definitely worthy of a post in feature requests Mike.  :slight_smile:

(Steve Copeland) #3

Interesting idea. How would you see it working?

(Scott Pisciotta) #4

you could probably wire up two kinetic rock and rolls to the back wheels

(Jarek Poswiata [C#]) #5

Somewhere there was request for handbike, so it would be the point :slight_smile:

(Mike Sima) #6

Wheel chair athletes have rollers already, Zwift would need to do the math and add those brands to the list. Probably some road dynamics would need to be adjusted for things rolling resistance and weight and aerodynamics.