What's the attraction to group workouts?

Can someone please tell me What’s the attraction to group workouts? How is it any different than just doing a regular workout? You’re not moving around for position. There’s no audio, so there’s no communication (how do you people type and get a decent workout at the same time???).

I’d like to her what people get out of these that they don’t get out of just a regular workout.

Some group workouts do use Discord to chat.

Typing on anything lower than Zone 4 is quite possible. It will go quite on the higher Zones but those are usually short.
A lot of group workouts will have a leader typing/chatting during the workout.

It may not be for everyone, but a lot of people like it.

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I tend to like the group workouts cause ‘shared suffering is better than solo suffering’ :slight_smile:


I did one for the first time last Sunday, it was quite nice having others around doing the same thing as me. Not sure why to be honest, it just was.

Agree with Paul. No idea why, but even if you don’t communicate, just knowing there are other people around the world, sitting on their trainers, doing exactly the same as I am, somehow makes it less lonely and more interesting.

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Thanks @Gerrie_Delport. I checked the events and found a few group workouts that use discord. I’ll try one of those.

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Never done a group workout or ride myself but the benefit if a big group draft making for quick milage to level up quicker sounds attractive to me.

I have found that group workouts typically cover less ground than I could on my own. It doesn’t matter for xp, though, since workout xp is awarded for successfully completed intervals rather than distance.

Interesting to know. I never do Zwift workouts. For structured training it is Trainer Road while running Zwift in the background to get my XP. Then the occasional Zwift race.

So to the question, is there a benefit to group workout? Is a group workout different from a group ride? Do you get XP per mile in a group ride?


It is different, but no real benefit other than knowing others are doing the same intervals as you, group suffering, misery loves company kind of thing. Group workouts also have a rubberband effect so everyone stays together, not so in group rides.

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I’d say that the drafting affect of group rides is a downside, when riding on my own now there simply is no point in trying to go for better times which can be a bit of a downer.