What's KOM

What’s KOM that’s referred to in chats/messages during group rides eg?


KOM = King Of the Mountain. The first person over the top of a climb.

The “King of the Mountain” or “Queen of the Mountain” is the fastest rider for a given segment. The segment doesn’t have to be a climb—it could be a flat or rolling stretch, or a descent. If you win a KOM or QOM, you hold that title until someone rides the same segment faster than you.


When I use KOM, for me this is corresponding the KOM segment.
From the red line on the road to the arche.
Ride on

In English as the others have stated it’s KOM- King of the Mountain. In more recent history QOM or Queen of the Mountain has also come around. If it wouldn’t completely baffle the English speaking cyclist Zwift could just call them GPM and remove the gender(s) associated with King/Queen.

Copied from Wiki:
Le Roi des montagnes (French)
Gran Premio della Montagna (Italian)
Gran Premio de la montaña (Spanish)

If you know another local version of this, feel free to share it.