austin texas?

OK. Doing my Tempo and LT workouts tonight I notice 1 rider with all the jerseys. Which means not only did he have the fastest lap, but then won the sprint and KOM. Back to back and multiple laps. I am 141 LBS and averaged 350w for the KOM climb and could not get within 30 second of his time. I then realized his last name must actually stand for the town in Texas where another famous cyclist with “UNBELIEVABLE” speed came from. Could it be… ?

You never know. :slight_smile:

See here:

Thanks for sharing. Very interesting a Pro who is a fantastic climber had a weighted average of 306w and was not even able to come close to the KOM times being achieved by some of the other riders on ZWIFT. I have recently noticed that people are stopping before the green jersey sprint to change their weight then again after the KOM to make themselves heavier for the downhill section. I have also noticed some fantastic achievements of legit riders that should be celebrated. ZWIFT is an amazing training tool if used correctly. I am really happy with its potential.