What's going on with ZwiftPower?

@shooj yep, same here. The Stages of DIRT should be on different France maps for a special series starting mid august. We will need data for all primes for this.

Oh great, how to contact you? I had Dave on messenger Will that work for you too?
The Series and league starts in september.
Cheera Klaus

I am Dave buddy :slight_smile:

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I’m Dave and so’s my wife!

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Any ideas on when these and the segments will be added?

Set some good segment times tonight. Shame I won’t even able to see them. :+1:

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Please email support@zwift.com with ZwiftPower questions

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Thanks for this. Where we have questions regarding current discrepancies regarding our own and our organised results - where do we go to get the superb support that the wonderful people at ZwiftPower provided?


You know the answer to that question…


Still no segments or course profiles for France/Paris.
No leagues for multi-stage events.
More complaints than ever about sandbagging due to lack of automatic categorisation.
Confusion over who’s responsible for all this.
No update whatsoever on what the ‘exciting new improvements’ are.

Neglected and going to ruin as expected.

I askes the support as @shooj Said we should dip but got this reply:

Sounds like Theodore didn’t get the memo :thinking: :laughing:

That happens a lot but seriously this really is poor.

Updates posted here: ZwiftPower Update [September 2020]

Well zwiftpower has been running pretty poorly for well over a week now and the site has been practically redundant for a week with results not posting, rankings not updating etc.

Zwift haven’t responded or acknowledged any of the issues as far as I can see.

The only faint glimmer of light is this post

Lets hope it’s a fix - I see zwiftpower as an essential core component of the zwift experience.

do we know if all problems a fixed on monday???

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My pick is if we follow the usual Zwift update cycle of late - they’ll fix some things and break some things and support (these Zwift forums run by enthusiasts) will try and help.


Well, it opens and updates much faster…

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We’re glad it opens and updates much faster for you after the server migration.

I’m going to lock this thread. For further discussion, please join us on the November ZwifPower update thread.