what mode should my kickr be in?

Have just started on the mac beta. Does swift set up the kickr? i.e put it into erg mode or whatever it needs?
If zwift is not using wheel speed then how do I increase power (or sprint). Increasing cadence doesn’t seem to get me anywhere unless I increase resistance using the Wahoo app
I am confused!

Zwift will adjust the Kickr. If the Kickr drops connectivity then you can go into the Wahoo app set it for ERG and then back to SIM and it will go back to accepting commands from Zwift.

Zwift is supposed to set the KICKR to sim mode at start up, but if there is a glitch in the communication you might be in the default resistance mode.

If cadence isn’t changing your power, it sounds like you set the KICKR to erg mode. You shouldn’t need to use the Wahoo app to do anything (in fact it’s probably best not to run it while you’re running Zwift to minimize interference).

Finally, in sim mode (unlike in erg mode) you will need to switch gears depending on slope. Zwift will simulate inclines and descents, so you may need to switch to a harder gear on a descent in order to put down any power. Since you start on a relatively flat spot, make sure you’re in a gear you would use when cruising on a flat road outdoors.

Thanks. To clarify - Zwift simulates inclines - does this mean that staying in the same gear at the same cadence up hill will lead to a lower speed or am I obliged to change gears as in the real world?

If you stay in the same gear, the force you have to exert to keep the same cadence will go up, so you would be obliged to shift gears. However, the amount the force goes up is not quite as much as in the real world because Zwift scales the inclines to make it a little easier to get up the steep hills.

All now working as it should be. And my legs hurt…