What headphones do you use?

Hey everyone,


i think my Jaybird headphones may be sizzling out. What do you use? I’ve been  looking around and there’s sweat resistant but is there zwift level sweat resistant? haha



Ive been using Bose SoundSports, a little pricey, but very nice

I have the JLab Epic BT headphones.  They are an older model, as the current version is the Epic2.  And now there is an Epic Fitness model with even more anti-sweat properties.  I have no experience with the Epic2 or Epic Fitness.

My older Epic BT headphones sound really nice, and they haven’t complained about sweat.  I have Zwifted with them paired to a TV, an iPad and a Mac [obviously not at the same time].  The built-in mic isn’t super, according to people on the other end [during an iPhone call].  Hopefully the microphone has improved in the newer models, but that’s less critical if you are only listening to music.