What have you found to be the best way to increase FTP in Zwift?

Hi, I’ve recently stopped using a trainer and want to shift my indoor training to Zwift. I use a watt-bike Atom combined with outdoor training totalling 5 times a week. I just did the FTP test with a result of 4.1 w/k. What have you found to be the best way to increase your FTP using Zwift - should I use a plan like Build me up, or go for the targeted workouts?

Any advice would be much appreciated!
Cheers, Caroline

I have done the 4wk FTP Booster a few times it is a good plan. I would suggest getting a good training book, Like Training +Racing with power or the cyclist Training bible.

Great! Thankyou

i felt like the 2019 zwift academy workouts in particular were very helpful. i’ve run through them a few times, and my FTP is definitely up.

i also try to mix up the amount of vertical in my free-rides, and the amount of hard-pushing efforts. if i do a lot of flat rides, my FTP seems to suffer, but if i do a lot of consistent grinding rides, my FTP also seems to suffer.

more structure is probably the biggest key, though, so do what @Gerrie_Delport says :slight_smile:

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Just to make sure, are you saying you want to transition from having a coach to coaching yourself? Zwift is entertaining and has an amazing community, but structured training isn’t really its strong suit. The Sufferfest’s 4DP or Xert are much better entry points for self coaching, IMNSHO.

I’m confused though. “Increasing FTP” is not much of a goal, to be honest. 4 w/kg is fine, what segment of your power profile needs work for what upcoming events/goals? Sounds like you need a coach to me. :grin:

I’m new to it all - trained really hard for
9 months to cycle up Mont Ventoux and am kind of at a loss as to where to go next. Thanks for your thoughts.

For what it’s worth, I’m guessing that 80%+ of the folks using Zwift wish they had an FTP of 4.1 wkg. So you’ve got a great starting point, for sure.

Try the Taiwan challenge 105 km of pure climbing does not get better or harder

Ha ha! A bit beyond my capabilities I think :thinking:… maybe I’ll start with something slightly less hardcore :joy:

But nobody else knows. Some people wanna go faster, some wanna go farther. I just wanna go to the pub. :blush: Identify your high level goals before you look into any training plan, platform and whatnot.

If you’re doing 4.1 wkg you’re a cat 1 in just 9 months. You shouldn’t be worried about something as petty as your zwift ftp. You should be hiring a coach and training for you first professional tour.

In Gaga Land, basically. :blush: Not that I earned any points, ever, but I’d be approximately a bad Cat 3 with that, last time I bothered to check.

Not sure about that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

That’s why FTP as a single number is irrelevant. Based on power zones, I might (mind you, that’s always just estimation in the first place) be anything from a high cat 2 to a low cat 4.

According to an reference I can find women’s cat 1 territory starts right around 4.1.

Men are higher around 4.8.

If she’s producing 4.1 functional threshold power shes a cat 1.

I looked it up, and I was wrong. When my FTP was around 4.5 w/kg, I was not categorized as being competitive with sprinting at all. So overall I was more leaning towards a high cat 4.

I’m not out here to steal any thunder, really. :blush:

You progress through IRL categories by winning points. Where I live (flat, i.e. crits) I wouldn’t even be cat 5 with > 4 w/kg if I tried.

I’ve provided supporting evidence to support my thesis you’ve only provided what you think to be true. Problem is I don’t know who you are so I really don’t care what you think other than you seem to what to argue so I’m going to see my way out of this thread.