What gets unlocked with the paid version?

I dug around, but could not find an answer. I am in the free trial, but do not see a metric for calories burned anywhere. Is this a feature that is only available in the paid version? I assume bike/rider customization is a paid feature. What else gets unlocked? 


So far I am digging it!

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Nothing gets in “unlocked” in the free version. The trial is fully featured but once you ride I think 50km you won’t be able to ride anymore until you join.

There are no calorie burn numbers in Zwift, but it does calculate kilojoules of work completed for a given workout. Calorie burn can be derived from kJ of work. Really, as of now Zwift relies on 3rd parties for meaningful analysis and review of ride data. Either Strava or Training Peaks, though you can dump the .FIT file that every Zwift ride generates into pretty much whatever training data platform you like.


OK. Is there a way to see the kJ of work in the Zwift summary? Strava states there is approximately a 1:1 relationship to calories. 

It is just odd to me. If they can tell you how many pieces of pizza you burned, they should be able to state calorie burn by the same calculation. Why do they not display it?

Also, as far as the customization goes, everything has a padlock beside it. How do I unlock these padlocks??


I do believe total work in kilojoules is listed in the workout summary at the end of the ride. I can’t remember for certain at the moment though. As for why Zwift doesn’t display calories currently, I couldn’t tell you. I suspect it’s something they don’t deem that important for whatever reason. It’s one of those things that some people will care about, some won’t. It just depends on what your focus is. It’s also very open to interpretation. There is an approximately 1:1 relationship between kJ and calories, but how close that relationship is depends on who you ask. It comes down to the efficiency of the human body and it’s way too deep a subject to go into here. The folks at Zwift may have just decided to stay out of those murky waters and let you use your platform of choice to determine calorie burn. If so, it’s a decision I can certainly understand.

The customization stuff is mostly unlocked as a result of “leveling up” or completing challenges. As you ride you accumulate points for workouts and mileage (or kilometers, whichever is your preferred unit of measure) and as you accumulate points you reach new levels. When you hit levels different things are unlocked, be it wheelsets, bikes, or kit. Additionally, completing either of the two challenges unlock gear as well. Titanium Geek’s unofficial user manual lists all the unlockable stuff.

AH HA!  That TG unofficial manual is the best. THAT is what I was looking for.


Thanks for taking the time. I hope to see you out there.


This is going to be very addicting for me. I already want to get back on tonight… 


Happy to help! See ya on the (virtual) road.