What does Zwift do about cheaters?

2 cheaters in my last race, DQd in some of their previous races and clearly putting unrealistic weights into their profile. What’s the best way to report this, and what is the process Zwift follows for managing this? Does someone review every race, or do they rely on reports?


if you can find a way to do it, it isn’t always easy, you can contact the race organiser of the actual event and they can exercise their best judgement. if the race organiser is zhq i don’t think you can expect much, but i also wouldn’t go into those events with high expectations of rigour either. moderation takes a lot of manual time and skill. something not every moderator has either of, but community organisers are likely to be much more responsive as their purview is much smaller than zwift’s

So it’s down to the race organiser, not Zwift? That seems a little odd, as I’d have thought Zwift would want to ensure the integrity of their platform.

It was a Zwift Crit Racing Club event, the Fan Flats. Winner was apparently 45kg, trolling in chat through the whole race, and second place has 4 DQs recently.

Sounds like William Chau using one of his alternative accounts, he was doing it last week in the zwift academy race in B

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zwift does have a ToS and at least some people follow some of it, some of time, but but generally you want to start from the ground up with community issues as the closer the person is to the problem the more available and willing they are to deal with it. would be nice if obvious red flags were addressed automatically but they aren’t, pretty much everything is done manually

in this case you’re probably out of luck since it’s a zwift event. maybe a staff member will see this thread and look into it behind the scenes, they won’t confirm or deny anything though since their company policy is not to discuss reports etc publically. apparently. lol

Ok, cheers everyone. I couldn’t find any way of contacting the organisers anyway. If it’s Zwift then they certainly aren’t exactly advertising their contact details.

Which event?

Fan Flats, 1840 UK time yesterday. Zwift Crit Racing event. Cat C.

The organizer is Zwift, so you can contact Zwift support. Chances are nothing will happen regardless but if you’re bothered you may as well let them know.

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Cheers - yeah, I formally reported both of the riders in question last night. Got a message saying I wouldn’t be updated on any outcomes, but I guess I can go into ZwiftPower and see if the riders have been removed.

I’m sure they are not just going by weight, if height changes 3-4 times in 3 days that might also be an indicator.

Hello there William Chau, you’re not fooling anyone.

Note to everyone else…don’t feed the troll


If a racer cheater gets a bunch of Flags, are they automatically and immediately removed from an event in real time?

That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

OK, so flagging is just a message that Zwift examines at some later time…?

What about an “Active Cheater” thread on this forum? Who at Zwift should we ping so they could take action before a race has been ruined?

Flagging is supposed to work, as I understand, by notifying the system to take a look at someone, and if ‘anomalies’ are detected, they can get booted.

Maybe others here have had experiences with flagging during a race working–all I’ve ever seen are people like yourself wondering why nothing happens.

I’m sure there are others here who could weigh in with more details. I think it might require a certain number of riders flagging for something to happen…5? 7? They definitely don’t want a single flag removing people from a race, just the flag itself. That would get weaponized :slight_smile:

They also don’t want individual people getting called out on these forums by name.

yeah, you need 7-8 people though. one or the other, i forget which. it used to be 4. i’m pretty sure it’s just an auto kick. it’s possible all 7-8 people also need to flag the guy for the same reason also, i dunno about that one though


Getting 5 people to flag someone is hard enough, more is never going to happen. People will just let someone else do it, then the someone else probably says the same.

That wouldn’t happen but just egregious performances in general are something that should be easier to flag. It’s so hard to get them stopped. Stopping something during a race needs actual commissaire type people to be appointed to a race. Maybe from the organisers of each race. And they’d need a display to see everyone’s power and other data.

I’m riding ADZ a lot so I see it frequently. Okay I’m not in a race so my rides are just trash, but when I’m doing full effort to go 45-46 minutes, it sure does matter when someone zooms past with 6.5w/kg at 120bpm and does 35 minutes something.

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I had an older Brit zoom past me today with 40kg weight. At the top of ADZ he was doing 10w/kg with 135bpm. For a 39 min lap time.

I trashed my sub-45min lap to report him, but probably to no good. :frowning:

Just wished improbable performances would automatically be excluded.