What does "p/b" mean in team names?

I’ve seen this all over, and have no idea what p/b might stand for.

e.g. ZSG90 Sunday p/b Ascenders Team

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Amazing, thank you both. That was absolutely driving me crazy.

Don’t listen to them. It means ‘peanut butter’. It’s a declaration of their primary fuel source during long races :smiley:

(In the Netherlands, it would be “ZSG90 Sunday p/c Ascenders Team” because they call peanut butter ‘peanut cheese’.)


Plant Based?

Then it would be p.k. (Pindakaas, wat weer verwarrend zou zijn omdat pk weer de afkorting is van paardenkracht (hp))

Funfact, we call peanut butter, peanut cheese. Because of an old law. A product had to contain a certain amounts of specified ingredients to be called “butter”. Peanut butter didn’t met those requirements, and that is why it is called cheese.


Yah, Ik weet dat. Maar ik wil niet te veel op een kaaskop lijken :smiley: (Hoewel, ik uit Wisconsin kom, zo…)