Pace Partner names

While it’s great that the Pace Partners are graduating from FutureWorks, one thing that I think is a step backwards is the new names.

One of the nice features with the old names, was that the name corresponded with the category range they fit in. Dan Diesel was cat D. Benoit Brevet was cat B. You could easily pick which one you wanted to ride with without digging into the details to know their W/kg. But now we’ve got Bernie as one of the lower ones, Constance is the highest, and names like Miguel and Yumi that wouldn’t fit anywhere in the categories. You either memorize which one(s) you want to ride with all the time or you have to get into their details to find what’s right for the riding you want.

Thanks Trey.

It should be relatively easy to spot, based on the colour of their card, but I accept that it did help that their name started with the same character as the category.

Perhaps they could advertise their category as a bracketed “team” designation, like “Miguel [Cat D].”


Bernie is short for Bernadette.

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Just don’t name one of them “X Æ A-12”

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Agree with this— also consider bots put out more or less whether ascending or descending. On ATV, with the UI the way it is, it can be tricky to tell which is which. Maybe in the UI you can put their base output with current output?

100% agree OP, the old names were so much more intuitive. Don’t understand why they got rid of that in the update, makes no sense to me. Totally regressive step.


What would help would be putting category names in front of the bot names, eg:

A1: François
A2: Constance
B1: Genie
B2: Jacques
C1: Yumi
C2: Coco

For example.

Then you know exactly which bot is which.

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With the UI now showing their average pace, I don’t think this should be necessary.

They actually have the cat letter as the first initial in the in-game rider list, but that doesn’t help at ride setup.

This is one of those typical things in Zwift that are perplexing, as if the ones making the decisions have no overall plan or are totally oblivious to the implications of their decisions. James started using names that followed the previous understandable naming scheme. Apparently the final naming was taken out of his hands, and someone decided using random naming was somehow a win.

I think they should use names that start with A for the highest Wattage and go to G for the lowest.

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Hi @James_Zwift

Am i understanding it correctly that with the latest update, the pace partner cards on the home screen show the average pace and they are in order of lowest pace to highest (left to right), any idea why Bernie (1.4W/kg) is at the beginning of the list? The rest of the list looks correct.


The two you ride with most commonly should appear on far left to avoid the need for scrolling.

That is definitely not the case for me. I usually ride with Maria or Miguel and I always have to scroll to find them. I’m running Zwift on Apple TV btw.

I have never ridden with Constance…


Never ridden with the first two that show for me.