What connects to what?


I’m a techno-phobe but usually limp through issues. However, I’m totally stuck.

My trainer is a Tacx Satori Smart and I want to get the full Zwift experience on my Samsung Galaxy Tab4 but can only seem to get hold of a mobile version which tells me very little.

I have a PC and have the Tacx PC software on order - I guess that will work but I don’t understand why the Zwift wont operate on my tablet. I have an I-phone 6 and could use it on there, I guess but would that be the mobile version like the Android one?

Don’t tell me I’m stupid - I know that. Tell me how to get stuff fixed and working!



Hi Charlie - Zwift is an application that runs on your PC or Mac. The Zwift Mobile Link companion app you’ve installed on your Galaxy will connect with Zwift running on your PC and act as a game controller. 

If you have any issues installing Zwift on your PC, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help.