Weight imbalance

So in real life are the weight disadvantages as bad as zwift? Observations.

  1. You get killed going up hill
  2. you get killed at the crest of the hill
  3. you get zero benefit from downhill runs if you weigh more

I would think you could do better on a downhill.

240 lbs and i have to keep full pedal on a downhill to stay with the pack.

What is your trainer resistance set to? Zwift already halves the gradient downhill (before factoring in trainer resistance) to calculate your speed.

What trainer are you on? Much of the pack may be on models that have a motor that actively simulates freewheeling if the rider stops pedalling. On others that just have a freewheel weight, even if the resistance is dropped low you have to keep pedalling. It’s not fair but not all Swift’s fault.

50% resistance. Kinetic R1 Direct Drive…