Trainer Difficulty on Downhills Revaluated

I’m a new level 50 Zwifter and was curious about the Trainer Difficulty on downhills. It has come to my attention that at Maximum (100%) on a -4% descent it’s treated as -2%. Has this implementation been revaluated by the development team?

Interesting question, I’ve recently switched to 100% TD and have had difficulty on the downhills, I had assumed that was due to being a lighter rider

It is a conundrum…at high TD you get more of one’s weight benefit (for us bigger riders) but it becomes very easy to spin out…especially if on a cross bike with a 40-tooth chainring and did not set up an XD drive to use the 9-tooth cog.

At low TD one can pedal down but lose the weight benefits. Semi-happy medium is about 60% for me.

I wish they’d update it so you can change the settings individually for positive and negative grades. You can do this in FulGaz and I quite like it.

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