Watts vs Cadence

When it changes segments is shows something like this “90-100 keep your cadence”.   But my Watts would be like 75 or 45 when it is on an easier segment so when I get my cadence up, I get the red number and says power down.  What is more important to stay within the Watts or do what it says on the 90-100 cadence.  This is so confusing between cadence and watts.  Help please.

Thank you


What sort of trainer are you using? Sounds like you aren’t using a smart trainer. In which case you’ll need to be changing gear to maintain correct power and cadence. With a smart trainer doing a workout in ERG mode it will hold you to the specified power target regardless of what you cadence is.

At the end of the day when doing workouts, power is the main metric you’ll be interested in. Don’t fret if your cadence isn’t exactly what’s specified.

I am using the CycleOps Magnus

Hi Shelley. The Magnus is a Smart Trainer so my comments about it holding the power target when doing a workout in Zwift will apply.

Note that the Magnus has had a firmware update in the last couple of days to improve spindown calibration. This may help with power accuracy. I’m on a Hammer and this has had the same firmware update. https://www.cycleops.com/support/firmware