How do I know if I need a better Smart Trainer


I have a Tacx Flow Smart (800w). I’m very happy with it, but how do I know whether I need to upgrade? Im following one of the 13 week training programs on Zwift (Build me up) Im having some issue on low cadence (65-75) and around 250-300 wattage - difficult for it to stabilise within the 30 seconds… it also struggles to measure my cadence when I stand-up. I also need to gear up to the highest gear to be able to get the low cadence on the required wattage. Is this normal with any smart trainer, or can I with a stronger smart trainer eg. 1500-2000 w follow the program without changing gears?

Using ERG mode you shouldn’t normally be changing gear as the trainer has to adjust. My Hammer settles down to the power target within 5 - 10 seconds. For cadence measurement you’re best to use a cadence sensor or power meter. Some smart trainers like my Hammer can report cadence but it works best when cadence is constant. Low cadences are troublesome for smart trainers especially at fairly high power targets as the trainer thinks you can’t handle it and piles on the resistance aka “Slow spiral of death”.

Ok, seems like it may be the Smart Trainer then… struggle on lower cadence (but my we then onboard cadence sensor, so will try to use a stand-alone one). If that doesn’t work, then its the smart trainer itself.