Back to basics training plan

I’ve never done any structured training plan before, at the moment I’m doing the back to basics plan,I’m confused on how to ride with watts.One part I’ve to ride at 70 watts how do you do this is a heavy gear and low cadence or is it an easy gear with high cadence,likewise when the watts increase,any help out ther

What sort of trainer do you have? It very much depends on whether you have a smart trainer rhat can hold a specific wattage with ERG mode, or a dumb trainer where you will have to change gears to achieve the necessary wattage.

Hi Steve I have a smart trainer

Ok, with a smart trainer it will be using ERG mode for workouts,. That can take some getting used to.

Use the small ring at the front and roughly the middle of the cassette at the rear. Don’t change gear. Pick a steady cadence that is good for you and try and maintain that. You need to let the trainer adjust the resistance as the workout moved through different power levels.

What can happen is that as the trainer increases resistance, your cadence drops. As you reduce cadence, the trainer needs to increase resistance to generate the same power, and if you keep reducing resistance this continues and you end up in the so called “death spiral” where if your cadence keeps dropping you end up being unable to turn the pedals because the resistance is too high.

It works the other way too, if you keep increasing cadence then the resistance reduces and you can end up having to pedal too fast and having no resistance.

So the key is not changing gears and keeping a steady cadence.

Hi Steve,I did what you said on my plan this evening and it worked a treat,thanks for the help :+1:

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