Watts and Kinetic Road Machine with inride?

(Vaughn Myers) #1

I recently bought a Kinetic Road Machine with InRide, and tried racing today.

I’m pedaling pretty hard to the point that if I pedal harder I’d be sprinting to he finish line, which I do not want to do now because the race is starting. I’ve noticed that my maximum watts is about 230w and literally everyone’s passing me. With my Cycleops mag trainer I would be able to ride a complete 12 or 15-mile with a much higher average wattage.

What am I doing wrong?

In terms of setup, “Power Source” automatically recognizes the trainer (it says “inRide 143”) although it seems that I can configure it using “Cadence” and it also recognizes it. Is there a difference?


(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

I’ve seen comments in the forums about how zpower over-estimates power and that when the switch to a power meter is made people are surprised how much less power they are actually producing. That might be part of what you’re experiencing.

What gear combo are you in where you’re spinning out at 230 watts?