Watt is going on??

(Matt Hew (Lantern Rouge)) #1

Just switched from a tacx blue twist (classic without zpower) to a kurt kinetic road machine.


Now that im usinz zpower, my watts are jumping around like crazy.


With the blue twist, i could stay consistent within 5 watts, with zpower, it jumps around 20-40 watts +/-


Is this a common issue? Settings? Its driving me crazy! Finally broke 700 watts, but its not worth it if its inconsistent during workouts.



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Matt,

zPower on trainers like the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine or CycleOps Fluid 2 take acceleration into account. Additionally, these fluid trainers behave differently from the Mag Blue Twist you were using previously.

It’ll be a combination of turning on 3-second smoothing in your Settings menu and adjusting how you ride. Additionally, make sure your speed sensor is properly aligned and that the ANT+ adapter is close to your sensors (though I am assuming both of these are already like this).

(Matt Hew (Lantern Rouge)) #3

Hey Eric! Ill try the 3 second smoothing and see what happens


my ant+ Adapter is about a foot away from my sensors. Im using the Garmin speed/Cadence so no alignment is necessary.


I’ll report back tonight!