Wattbike Atom - Zwift power / heart rate mismatch

More of a question / observation than a bug - I think.

Riding at 145bpm, 85 rpm my Wattbike Pro registers typically 250w.
Riding at 145bpm, 85 rpm my Wattbike Atom 1st gen registers typically 250w.
Today I did a 20 minute 150bpm test at 260w average.

Climbing Alpe du Zwift on my Atom my segments are typically 150bpm and 210w.
If I analyse a segment generally there’s a ramp up in power from the ‘flatter’ start and then 225w typical thus producing a 210w typical average.
I would expect the constant sections of the climb at 150bpm to therefore be 260w not 225w.

Am I missing something?