Segment average watt readings

Sooo i was doing alpe du zwift today.
First 9 turns it says my average power was above 250, after that kept every turn the average power above 240. Finishing with a sprint the last few meters…

Now i look on zwiftpower and it says my average watt for alpe du zwift was 233? Yet my 51min effort display was 247watt

How is this possible when zwift ingame said all my averages were 10-20 watt higher?

If anyone has an explanation. Please share :slight_smile:


It could be power measure for the whole distance, not only alpe du zwift. Usually we have flat part before the mountain. You can check your average power for the mountain in zp analysis section

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Thx for ur reply. But on the zwiftpower you can select segments, i check alpe climb segment and it shows me 233 watt, yet on every turn i was above 245-250+ watt… strange stuff, next time i do alpe ill have wahoo element record my average on the climb too!
Missing out on .2 wkg is alot of time on alpe climb! :slight_smile:
Will have to find out if zwift is faulty or zwiftpower

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