Avg Wattage per 10s on display

First of all, big thx for letting me participate in the beta.

Enjoying it very much ( riding on classic floating rollers with a stages power meter )

A question though : would it be possible to display the power in a 3s / 10s / 30s style; like on my garmin 800. The produced wattage is spiky at best at times, and if you do a workout in zwift, it would help alot to display the 10s avg power, to avoid seeing spikes.

Of course I could always use my garmin alongside swift :slight_smile:

anyway, thumbs up, looking forward to more zwift time, even though the summer is coming :slight_smile:



Like you I use Zwift on classic rollers but with a Quark pm.

I always record my rides in the same way as I would on a normal ride using the Garmin.  However, I must admit I had thought that the power stated on the game was more or less spot on & haven’t noticed any spikes so assumed that the game was using at least 3s av The same as I have my 510 set up.