400 watts maximum on Wattbike?

(Dominic Heaney) #1

I’m training on ‘Wattbike’ (with its power meter) in UK.  A high quality machine and almost perfect match between power and cadence in normal run of things.  But when I’m doing my big pushes (e.g. sprint or KOM segments) and the Zwift display “caps” power at exactly 400W (although Wattbike power meter reveals pushing more).  This is “capping” also reflected on strava uploads where power peaks have their tops ‘cut off’ and flat.  (Not that I can ride at 400W for much more than a minute but shame it isn’t “visible”!)

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Dominic, 

Since your Wattbike has a power meter you shouldn’t be capped. The only thing we can think of is that you paired your bike incorrectly. Next time you use Zwift make sure it’s paired as power meter not as classic trainer. 

Let us know if that was the problem! 

Thank you and Ride On!

(Dominic Heaney) #3

Yes - that’s sorted it - thankyou.  The “problem” actually lay in the wattbike.  On the Wattbike I went into the ANT channel option, and found that the power meter wasn’t enabled for ANT.  By enabling it Zwift could “see” and therefore pair my wattbike as a power meter (rather than a classic trainer). Result is that my Zwift rides are now able to register my power profile beyond 400W (doesn’t happen often…)

(. TomH..) #4

Hi Dominic, 

Great news! I’m glad you figured it out! 

Ride On!