Wattbike Atom + Zwift Gears Stop Working

Hi all - so I’ve had this for about a week where I start a Zwift session or race and all is well until the gears stop working. Meaning I can be in 6th, 9th or any gear and unable to shift up or down. I can see good battery health in the Wattbike Hub - I’ve unpaired them and paired back, I’ve flipped right to left and back again. But still happens most rides.

I think my next step is to try new batteries (even though I’m getting 100% in the wattbike hub app, I can’t see how as I’ve been running them for 18 months).

Also gonna re-install Zwift on the IPad (my main device used for Zwift)

Curious to know if anyone else has had similar….

thanks all!

There was another reported issue of the same type:

The rider states they were able to solve it by “I had to reconnect the shifter over Bluetooth.

Have you tried that and did it help/solve? I can see you mentioned you tried repairing but did you repair the shifters in particular? Might be worth messaging the rider from the above thread to find out exactly what they did

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