Wattbike Atom Gear shifters not working in races

Hi all,

I have a Wattbike Atom and connect to Zwift using the App running on my ipad.

All has been fine until recently but on the past 3 occasions during TTT races I find that part way into the ride the gear shifter’s stop responding and I have to complete the ride in what ever gear I was in at that point.

I am not getting the issue from the start of the ride and I don’t get it when doing training rides / meet ups etc.

I have reported this to Wattbike and have sent them diagnostics logs and they cannot see anything wrong from the Wattbike set up.

Anyone else found / solved this one please ? I was wondering if I should run the app on a laptop to eliminate any possible issue with the IOS and ipad ?

The one time I thought this was happening on my Atom it turned out my right hand hoods had slid up so I was missing the shifter buttons underneath. Bashing it down with the heel of my hand did the trick. :laughing:

Just a thought.

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