Watopia Waistband (CW & CCW)

Can you create or add the ability to do the Waistband route both CW and CCW. Many would like to see it in the casual route selector too. But at a minimum it would be great to have this as an optional Event route for group rides.

It does seem that a lot of riders simply join these Group rides, simply to start, quit and then stay in the route without having to manually turn. It throws off group rider count for the groups and actually creates Flyer groups, who have no intention of riding the advertised pace. Another issue, you have new riders that jump onto those flyer groups, don’t understand the leader is actually the BEACON…not the guy in the front.So they get dropped and then when the beacon group does catch them, they don’t have anything left to give to try and hang on. So they flame the group saying it not being done at advertised pace. Takes a bit of explaining sometimes.

It should be an easy course to reverse…Thanks for considering it.

I use ZwiftPref to do the Waistband route, it’s my default one for a simple quick ride.

But it’s only available in one direction which is a shame, I’d love to see an option to reverse all the routes.

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Agree, but please change the name. IMO “Waistband” is a very weird name.