Event only routes

Why are certain routes designated as “event only”. for example Watopia waistband, its a great route so why not available open world all of the time? Appreciate you can manually navigate it but that not the point… For specific world i undersatnd that such as Bologna or Crit City but for a route on Watopia it doesnt seem to make sense… can we open these up?

I’m with you on this. I’ve stated my position quite bluntly elsewhere, but I don’t see the rationale for limiting routes like Watopia’s Waistband to “events only”.

After all, as you say we can navigate it manually if we know the turns to make; so having it selectable from the routes list is, as far as I can see, just a small “quality of life” improvement.

As ever, there might be a reason, but if there is it’d be nice to know what it is.


yes! the profile/length/etc of the route is so important to my ride. i should have as much variety as possible on this! more routes is better than less!

Yup - we want Watopia Waistband free for all! :->

Mostly, I like to practice a race course, like LaGuardia without manually turning.

I do wonder if we’ll see some of the ‘event only’ routes introduced with the UI update that is supposed to be coming later this month.

Hope so, but their current route UI should be able to cope with more routes well enough. It’s only a bit more scrolling, and Watopia already has loads.