Watopia Intersection Breaks Meetups

I’ve noticed there is a specific intersection on Watopia (By the Italian Village and noted below) that has consistently broken or disrupted our “Keep Together” meetup every time we come across it.

We have riders of all different power levels take part and when we hit this intersection with people not in one solid blob, the intersection has a habit of either breaking the rubber band and creating two distinct groups or heavily affecting the speed of riders as they hit the intersection. Coming up the small kicker to the cobbled section (coming from Volcano) seems to cause the most significant issues as the steeper elevation has a habit of separating the bunch. Coming at it from the straight away sections seems to be a little less impactful but still causes some rubber band issues.

This is the intersection where we’ve come across the issue:

I have clips of both instances (but I am not able to post them here)

There is one of the times we hit the intersection (not from the climb side) and you can see as soon as we hit the intersection, many riders get slowed while it pushes a few of us forward (despite keeping similar wattages) and creates two distinct groups on the map.

There is also one of the times we were coming up from the climb and you can see the riders in the back get a slingshot and then immediately get halted (some even being forced to go sideways) as the rubber band breaks, forming a second group.

I’ve had a couple other people in the group tell me they’ve experienced this as well in their own rides. It’s definitely detrimental to keeping the group together.