Water Reflections missing on Ultra profile

As title. Windows 10, Ultra profile, Nvidia graphics card. Verified on multiple systems.

Most easily seen approaching the volcano from the Italian village - the lava is meant to be reflected in the water. Boats etc are floating in mid-air, like they are on Basic profile. The simple reflections toggle is only in the Basic and Medium config files as an activation (i.e. they specifically tell the game to use low quality reflections), so something is wrong behind the scenes for this setting to be active on Ultra.


Hi @Dave_ZPCMR

I still haven’t heard back from the team with regards to the last graphical issue I flagged up for you, but I was told that the team has been busy working on the 1.26.0 release, so they perhaps didn’t have the bandwidth to explore these things as yet.

This may change as 1.26.0 is locked down, so I’ll flag up this latest issue along with the other sun flickering one. I’d say they’re more or less in the same vein because it’s NVIDIA GPUs apparently exhibiting these issues.

Thanks. Just to note, the sunray flickering has been going on for many months. This one is very recent.

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Thanks, duly noted. I’m hoping this will lead to two separate bug reports anyway, but I’ll let the team know.

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I have this, it seems worse on 4th gen i5 internal graphics than on my 6th gen i5 PC.

Hi @Dave_ZPCMR

Heard back from the team and this “missing reflections” issue has been officially bug reported. We’re expecting a fix hopefully in the next game update and if not, the one after that most likely. As per usual, I offer no guarantees on a timetable for a fix, but that’s the expected timeframe what I was told.

I’ve updated this Forums thread with the appropriate bug report number. Thanks again for your help identifying this issue!

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Nice one, thanks (likewise on the drone cam one). That response sounds to me like they’re changing a few things behind the scenes - I have my suspicions on what* - and there are some unexpected consequences, with this being one and possibly also the stutter and FPS issues in workouts reported elsewhere. I think it’s probably all related, and there are iterations going on of some fundamental change under the hood. Similar to how they advised you that the CPU load stuff might get better soon and then it suddenly did.

Fingers crossed. Cheers.

*I’d really love to know. :wink:

I’d be curious to know this as well. Historically, members of the dev team are super busy, so they don’t often share a great many technical details about the circumstances surrounding a bug or a bug fix. When I get a response from the team, it’s usually along the lines of “yes, this is a known issue, here is the bug report number, and we’re working on a fix.”

Hey all, Zwift game version 1.26.1 fixes this bug. Please update your game app at your earliest convenience.


Cheers. :+1: