Waste of time racing

What is the point of the categories in the races when most of the top finishers are way over the average watts/kg. Have only done 2 races and don’t think I will bother doing any more when there are some many people in the wrong category you just get blown out of the race can understand being a little bit o er if you have trained hard and improved but averaging 4 w/kg when the top is meant to be 2.4 is just crapemphasized text

Hi Bevan,
I think many Zwifters will understand how you feel, but don’t be put off as Zwift is very close to making some changes to the racing scene. I don’t know what exactly, or when, but we are all hoping for a radical update.

Use this time to get fitter and improve your race tactics maybe.

All the best and “Ride On”


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Is there a time frame for doing somthing about this did another cat d race last night and at least the first two pages of finishers were well above the 2.4 with guys holding 4 for larg sections of the ride it’s just crap

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I only rely on Zwiftpower.com for results. I really wish everyone was registered there but the truth is that less than 50% of any given race will also be on ZP.com. The racers that are over on power are DQ’d.

Zwift really needs to filter the results and have some form of enforcement. Zwiftpower.com is a band aid for now (3rd party).

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Cat C goes up to 3.2. Are you registered on Zwiftpower.com?

Sorry did I put cat c meant cat d max is 2.4 fix original post.

Yes I am on Zwift power but it just so dumb when you finish near 80th on Zwift and then look at Zwift power and you 11 there surly can’t be that many people cheating

Looking through previous threads this has been an ongoing issues for quite some time so when are you guys looking at doing anything about it.

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Hi Bevan,
what I gathered from Zwiftcast episode 76, the CEO of Zwift, Eric Min, suggested I think a rough time frame of about 2/3 months. Something about coinciding with the “Zwift off season” if I remember correctly.
Check out zwiftcast.podbean.com for the full interview.

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Those are not all cheaters. There are a bunch that cheat and there is quite a few that are not registered at Zwiftpower.com. Moving from 80 to 11 is pretty extreme though. That would be 69 total that are not Zwiftpower.com and or were over the limits.

I personally cannot wait to have good enforcement within Zwift for this reason. Sometimes less than 50% of the field are registered at zwiftpower.com. The guys that are over the limits change the race while it is ongoing so a system where you cannot even register for a lower Cat would be great. Hoping it wont be too long of a wait.

I would also love to see a ranking system like Zwiftpower.com. It is fun to see exactly how high of a rank you can get by placing high in your races.

I see your point but when racing people often produce better results and more power . I have a cat b rating at 57kg but when in the draft and following can produce 275 watts of power on flat and over 430 on climbs, do not be put off racing it makes you a better rider and if need be just drop a cat as i did until took a ftp which moved me up. Zwift is about fun and fitness just enjoy. Sign up to zwift power and you will see who you race against and what they are producing for their power

How do D riders drop a cat?


Just did cat d stage to finishe 83 on Zwift 16 th o. Zwift power it appears that this is the norm guessing as a lot of cat d riders are new they may not be on Zwift power will bring it up before the start of the next race see if we can at least get some better results through Zwift power until Zwift get off there asses and do somthing about it. It is just so crap can’t have fun racing as you have no idea who to race

Kind of under stand what your saying but as pointed out below how do you drop a cat when your the lowest cat and these guys aren’t just having a good ride there way over the allowed power. This is what makes it no fun I should not need to use a third party app to try and work out who I am racing after the race is done

There is overwhelming demand from the esports/racing crowd on Zwift to have a solid Cat enforcement and ranking system. I believe Zwift will deliver because of this demand.

I believe it takes a lot of planning, many many man hours to program, QA/QC, and implement. That being said it is now time and my guess is that 2020 is the year. Spring 2020.

Please Zwift…