WARNING! Norseman races set up as 'Forced TT bike'

Just a warning for those that like me would have been looking for a group climbing event with the Norseman races… the races have been set up as as forced TT bikes. So don’t bother changing to a light climbing bike, or spending drops in the shop on one. You’ll be forced to drag a heavy TT bike up the climb and there’ll be no ‘riding as a group’ as a social event. Just a bunch of (solo) TT riding. Maybe I misunderstood but I didn’t get that from the event advertising.

Just wanted to warn others who like me, may not really enjoy TT events and thought this event series was about climbing, not TT’ing.

It’s been the same every year they run it. As it’s based on the actually event, the Norseman is a triathlon so they put you in the TT bike. As it’s one of the hardest triathlons there is, they want to keep it real on zwift. One year they did have draft turned on… But think that was a mistake.

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I’m finding the positives in the situation:

  • Now I’ve got a reason to spend some of the millions and millions of drops I’ve saved up

  • If draft was enabled I know I’d push myself way too hard trying to keep up with stronger riders and stay in their draft. Probably wouldn’t help me meet my goal of finishing all five bike events

  • We can still select wheels, so we can all look silly running TT bikes with Lightweights or the new Roval Alpinist CLX


Later slots for pacific region was the cervelo S5 frame. It shows the S5 for the big ride as well.


Yes, it looks like perhaps the early rides weren’t meant to be set up as TT-only. Always an adventure, re: Zwift, haha!


Thankfully tonight’s ride was the forced Cervelo S5 bike like @temps_09 said. It’s hard enough without trying drag a TT bike up the climbs! :slight_smile:

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Hi Kat, can you please confirm that there was draft in your race? I want to do race 5 on Saturday but only if there is draft.

Hi @illyanadmc and @temps_09, we’re your Norseman races with draft? It would be very nice to know this before race 5 on Saturday!

Hi @Erwin_Ripmeester - Day 1 had draft turned on (I’ve got screenshots, as I was surprised to see this!) but Day 2, 3 & 4 definitely did not. So, I’ve got a feeling that Day 5 won’t have draft, either, unfortunately.

Hi @illyanadmc, thanks for your answer! Ride on :wink:

Did the ride day one afternoon pacific time/western North America zone so towards the end of day one. Can not remember if draft was on.

Zwift Hacks (and my experience) is that draft is turned off on Day 5 with a forced Cervelo bike.

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