Walk-through to debug Apple Watch when it doesn't pair

This might seem more bug than feature, but stick with me…

When I start Zwifting, often my Apple Watch won’t pair. It’ll say unpaired or what have you, though Zwift will “see” it as a heart monitor and auto-start even though no heart rate is being reported.

I’ve found that I can often get it to be happy through some strange dance of force quitting my Zwift Companion on my phone and, again, force-quitting the app on my watch. At some point, it often comes online immediately after one or both of those.

There’s got to be a better way than randomly quitting apps.

Can you give me some in-game instructions on the best way to try to hook up the watch to the game? (“Please try force-quitting on your watch first, then force quitting Companion, then restarting…” whatever’s actually smartest) Or maybe more info to what seems to be broken?

I occasionally give up and just do an “indoor cycle” activity on my watch so I get Fitness credit and do without in Zwift. That’s a depressingly annoying workaround, and a hard Zwift fail. But the best case is I’ve wasted 10 mins trying to get things working when I should’ve been riding, which is also extremely annoying. After running into that regularly for my year-plus of Zwifting, well, let’s just say it’s not a AAA experience.

Some in-game help to take the guesswork out would be wonderful.