Wahoo Snap vs. Cycleops M2

Forgive me if this has been asked a million times. I’ve been using Zwift with a dumb trainer for quite a while, but am looking into making the jump to a wheel-on smart trainer for Winter training. I have a good gaming PC that I use with Ant+, but I also have Apple TV connected to my treadmill for Zwift Run. So, both Bluetooth or Ant+ connections are available to me.
So, first…Are there any differences between the two trainers mentioned that would be an advantage to either?
Second…Any advantage to using Apple tv vs. PC with these trainers?
Thanks for any help or information you can provide!


I don’t have any experience with the Cyclops M2. But I have been using the Wahoo Kickr SNAP with Zwift for 15 months for Zwift structured indoor training and the occasional Zwift group ride. I purchased a refurbished unit directly from Wahoo Fitness, and have experienced ZERO problems with the SNAP. The SNAP fit my budget for my entry into indoor training. I have ridden a total of 7968 km using the SNAP with Zwift, and the SNAP has worked flawlessly. I do use a separate wheel fitted with a Continental indoor specific trainer tire, (I wore out the previous trainer specific tire I had previously used). I don’t have a separate power meter, so I can’t provide any information on the SNAP’s power accuracy.
I do check tire pressure and add air (110 PSI) as needed before each ride, and perform a spindown using the Wahoo app about every 4th ride.
The SNAP has sufficient resistance on the climbs (for me at least) and I have never experienced any wheel slip.
I would highly recommend the SNAP, as it has served me quite well.
I use with a WIN 10 laptop, so I do not have any experience with the AppleTV

Hi Mike,

I’m also a Kicker Snap user and also bought a refurb.unit (2017). Trainer works very well. I bought the wheel-on type based on price and also because my wife uses it also and we just switch out bikes. Like the previous poster I also use a trainer tire (Vittoria) as I had some slippage with regular road tire (Conti 4000 II). Love using Zwift with Apple TV although there are a couple problems to overcome. First is ATV’s lack of enough bluetooth channels. This can be solved using North Pole Engineering’s “CABLE” ant+ to bluetooth device which converts multiple ant+ signals to one bluetooth channel. Once you have it set up it works great.
The other issue is with the ATV remote, I find that it works fine when I’m doing a free ride or group ride/race, if I’m in the workout menu though it doesn’t scroll very well. I’ve had better luck using Apple’s tv remote app on iphone although that’s not perfect either.
Good luck and Ride On

Thanks for your input guys, it’s really appreciated! :+1:t4:

Hi. Cycleops magnus here. Only problem was it came without the L-bolt which is used for adjusting the resistance unit against the tire. Arrived days later, after warranty claim. Worked flawlessly for around 3000 km. No dropouts (I use an long usb cable for placing the ant+ dongle close to the resistance unit anyway), very precise (checked with a pioneer powermeter). I use no special trainer tire, you don’t need it as you don’t get tire wear when using a road tire. No tire slippage either, as the clutch used for pressing the resistance unit allows to apply the same pressure against the tire every time. Use tires at 115 psi. Rather light flywheel, so when in erg mode use higher gears to get a bit more of inertia and road feel. As I have it mounted on a rockerplate, the lighter the trainer the better to get a more natural rocking motion. In this regard, the magnus (or M2 as it call it now) has the upperhand because is lighter than the kickr snap.
My 2cents.