Fluid trainer or wahoo kickr snap?

I currently have an old cycleops mag trainer that I only use with zwift.

The trainer’s ok, but my biggest issues are with 1)sprinting, especially at the end of the race, is very difficult since it doesn’t have enough resistance, 2) uphill climbs are very awkward and difficult.

I saw a used kickr snap on sale, and I wanted some feedback from other users. I will only be using it for zwift and for races.

What are your thoughts on this trainer? Or should I just buy a cycleops fluid 2 trainer? The used wahoo kickr snap is more or less the same price as a new cycleops fluid 2 trainer.


Hi Vaughn,

Currently you are using a zPower setup with your classic trainer “Cycleops Mag” trainer, and each mag trainer’s recommended resistance setting has a maximum wattage limit: some settings are more accurate at lower speeds, while others allow you to hit higher speeds. Given the setting that we’re using for Zwift, the maximum output you’re seeing is about right for the recommended power curve. If you’re consistently maxing out your wattage, it may be time to consider either getting a power meter, or looking at a smart trainer (e.g. Kickr Snap) or fluid trainer.

While you can ride with the zPower/classic trainer setup, this is intended only to preview what Zwift is like. And, since Fluid 2 is also a classic trainer, you may not be eligible to take part in many Zwift events, so we highly recommend getting appropriate equipment (e.g. Smart trainer or Power meter) so that you can get accurate readings and the best Zwift experience. However Fluid 2 should give you higher wattage than Mag trainer.

I hope this explanation helps!

I have the Kikr Snap, cracking bit of kit and have had no issues with it. You have to perform a spin down every time you ride but it doesn’t take long so isn’t much of an issue. I connect to my laptop using the suunto Bluetooth USB stick and it’s never missed a beat, I’m a sprinter rather than a climber and it copes with putting down good power no problem, well worth the investment.

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Thanks for all the info.

Is the kickr snap v2 completely compatible with zwift? After spending so much on the kickr snap, the last thing I want is to have issues connecting the trainer to my iphone’s zwift mobile link via bluetooth.

Yes very

There does seem to be intermittent issues with Bluetooth on IOS devices