Wahoo Kickr Speed Highly Inaccurate

Ive put down a few hundred miles down now on the Kickr and I feel 100% ok with saying the speed is very off in Zwift. Please look into this matter devs. When performing a spin down the power, speed, and cadence is very accurate. When playing the game speed is 100% thrown away and the simulated speed does not match the flywheel on the wahoo kickr. Others will say that the speed shouldn’t match the flywheel, but that makes no sense. Today I was riding in the desert and my zwift speed was capped at 13-17mph on 0% grade when my flywheel on my wahoo kickr was spinning 35+mph. How are you supposed to add acceleration to the flywheel to add power and watts when your flywheel is spinning out of control? You guys need to add speed calculations in the default wahoo kickr setup. Either that or slow the flywheel down to match the simulated speed. We can’t have a real world speed flywheel and be expected to put additional watts on it because the game simulates our speed 1/3 the rate.

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