Wahoo KICKR fighting with power meter during workouts.

I have a Wahoo KICKR and a Power2Max power meter, and use the P2M for power reporting, for consistency between indoor and outdoor rides.

When in workout mode, I have (for example) a target of 180W, and since the Kickr is in ERG mode, I should be just able to pedal and have the resistance adjusted appropriately.  However, I consistently see the wattage (as reported by P2M) about 20-30W lower, so the “MORE POWER” message keeps popping up.  But if I do apply more power, (which I shouldn’t need to do, since this is ERG mode), the Kickr responds by lowering the resistance, making things worse. 

Anyone seeing the same? 

Yep - the workout mode currently seems to be ignoring the offset between Wahoo’s power and power meter power. It just tells the KICKR to set the power at the right level. It would be nice if there were a way to either set a manual offset or if Zwift would try to determine the offset (not easy because of the flywheel inertia issue). I believe Trainerroad does the latter.