Wahoo Kickr and Rear Derailleur

When using the rear wheel it only moves ever so slightly compared to how much it moves when attaching to the trainer.

This could take some time if I try and solve it myself as I’m new to cycling but I just want to Zwift so…

I am going to take the trainer with the bike to the local bike shop this Saturday after speaking to them and hopefully they can sort out the issue.

I’ll update the thread on Saturday, hopefully with good news…


Hello all,

So I’ve just been to the bike shop and they have advised there is nothing wrong with the rear derailleur.

The problem was that the axle on the wheel was slightly longer than the on the trainer, so they advised to put a 1mm spacer on the axle when using the trainer. He found this out by tuning the gearing properly on the wheel and then when he transferred the bike to the trainer the chain would actually fall off after the largest cog when shifting.

I told him that this bike will only ever be used on the trainer so he adjusted all the gearing on the trainer and now it works great as all the gears are working properly.

I asked about the rear derailleur moving inwards so much when attaching to the trainer but he said that’s normal. There is still a little bit of vibration on the smaller cogs but you couldn’t really tell at the bike shop, it must be because the trainer is on the 1st floor at home so it’s a bit more noticeable.

Thank you all for the help and advice, now on to finding a group ride on Zwift!