Wahoo Kicker Signals

I use a Wahoo Kickr and My PC with an ANT stick to Ride with Zwift.  When I search for Devices I see two to choose from, even though I have just one KIckr.  So I am curious to know which to choose.  One of the options is the Number of the Kickr.  The other option has an FE-C before the number.   There is a difference between them.  When I choose the FE_C and the number choice the spindown wrench is an option.  If I don’t choose the  FE-C number option the spindown calibration wrench disappears.  I would like to know more about the differences between these two choices.


Hi Diane

I was trying to figure how to answer your question but thought DC had already done a great job  :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link.  That was a good read on FE-C, what it is and apps that support it and trainers that are compatible.  Do you happen to know if the Signal that does not have the FE-C in front is for older applications?


FE-C is the new one.

Yes Diane, FE-C is the new standard. Zwift will be coding for FE-C from here on in with the vanilla ANT+ left in place allowing older hardware to be used.