Wahoo Cadence and Speed Zero at 400+ Power and 115+ RPM

I’m new to virtual bicycling, but I used to bicycle 100 miles a day a 10 years ago. I have seen on Amazon that another customer had this same exact issue as me, but I can’t find any answers online, and most people don’t know anything about it even happening. My devices all connect and work fine, but the second I go over 115-120 RPMs my Cadence drops quickly to zero for the entire duration and my watts drop from 400w flats down to zero for the duration. The second I bring my RPMs down to 110ish the devices kick right back into working order. This limits my flats to 25ish mph and cuts my power at least in half. Anybody know how to resolve this? I suspect I selected the wrong “trainer” option when setting my program up. The bottom left trainer option was “unknown trainer” with a picture of a smart trainer. That is the one I am using. The bottom right option was “unknown roller” which I tried to use, but it did not allow my avatar to move. Any advice on what I did wrong or how to fix?

If you are using a non-supported trainer your power is capped at 400W due to the fact Zwift has no way to verify the speed/power curve for your trainer.

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I was suspecting something like that. Do you have an actual reference from the company claiming that?

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I wish Zwift would have mentioned this on their page somewhere.

they did:


Thank you sirs.

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