VTT (MTB) or road cycle


Sorry for my english.
I’m using Zwift for 2 days with my new home trainer. I enjoy it.
I have only a VTT to use it and I want to do road trip on the application, not VTT possibilities.

I use a Tacx home trainer with not wheel at the rear.
Would it be better for me to buy a road cycle or my sensations, my speed will be the same with this kind of home trainer with no wheel at the rear ?

Thank you very much for you help

Enjoy cycling


I had to look up VVT and learned that that is a Mountain bike MTB.

A road bike will have better gearing and you will be able to go faster, just like in real life, road bikes is faster than a mountain bike on the road.


I had to do a google search for VTT! I know it as a mountain bike now. You can certainly use a mountain bike. I have several friends who prefer using their mountain bike on the trainer because it gives them a more comfortable position. The only reason speed would be better on a road frame is due to the gearing choices usually available on a road frame. In other words, you can go faster in a 52/11 combination than you can in a 32/12 (or whatever your mountain bike gearing is). If you are not racing, this should not be a concern, and you should ride your mountain bike unless you just want to buy a road bike. I wouldn’t spend very much money on a trainer bike. I hope this was helpful. Good luck!