Vote to Ask Zwift to create Trail running as cross-country and climbing montain Trail!

I, hi submit to zwift feed-back suggestion to create Trail running and montain Trail or other World for runner, as trail byke. Zwif have so Many possibility to increase running experience. Say YES to that idea. If You love Zwift and would like more trail for runner, please express yourself here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey Veronique,
Did you know there is a mountain bike/running trail in the grove of the giants just before Winding Peak?
I agree it would be awesome and a different experince for us if they made a Yellowstone world or something instead of another city.

Hi Veronique,
YES, it would be awesome to trail run & have MTB rides, there are some roads which seem to have turn offs onto trails, yet one cannot access it. I hope that Zwift consider this in future.

You can run trails to some degree in Makuri Island

I’ve run the mountain bike trail in the Grove of Giants but you have to run a couple miles before you get there. It would be better if the app could control the elevation of the treadmill.

See my other posts regards the use of an app called QZ Domyos which dependant on your treadmill will give you automatic incline.