Volcanoe Course - says 2.6miles, but is really 4.7miles?


Today decide to do some courses and short ones to do a couple.

Decided on the Volcano course, which notes in the game menu it is 2.6miles.

However, I just did it, and it seems the first 2.1 miles are not included in the actual volcano course

It was not until I was in the volcano, and the new clock timer Volcano: started counting…

Seems a little miss leading, I went into this peddling pretty aggressively from the start to try for a PR on it…to find out half way in I am not even counting towards the 2.6miles yet :frowning: .

EDIT - after checking the game again and seeing the blue line, i presume this is meant to let you know it is a warm up before the actual circuit you choose?

Yes. The blue line indicates a lead-in. Most routes have them.

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You can view course distances and lead-ins at the following sites for more exact info:

www.zwiftinsider.com (search course name)


Don’t fall for this on the Lutscher route in Innsbruck - the course starts/ends at the top of the mountain, so the “lead-in” is a full ascent of the climb


At least one of the NY courses does that too. Might Metropolitan maybe? I don’t remember for sure, but I was less than thrilled to do the KOM a second time.

Edit: I agree with Jim; it was the Highline.

I think that’s the Highline.

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