Volcano Circuit Lap Indicator

Hi, on both directions the lap display after the arch in the volcano circuit is a bright white rectangle with no information dsplayed.

I think I saw this on the Jungle Circuit too, i.e. no number but just a bright white display.

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I did the On Fire badge hunt with the Aussie badge hunters on Friday. The counter was working fine for me but the ride leader had the white screen only. It was a fairly large group and no one else mentioned a problem with the counter.

What platform are you running Zwift on? My similar problem in the Jungle was on Apple TV.

Sorry, I should have specified that. I’m on AppleTV 4K.

Apple TV 4K here and noticed the same as well. No big deal unless you’re doing one of the lap badges.

Here are some screenshots of the Jungle Circuit lap indicator on Apple TV, from both directions. I imagine the Volcano one looks the same.

Still broken on 1.15.1.

Seems to be related to this issue - White tron bike [July 2021] [1.15.0]

Which also effects some other glowing screens such as the start pen countdown.

Fixed for me on the Jungle lap counter. Apple TV 1.16.

Are there badges for jungle laps yet or just the counter? I think badges for 5, 10,25 like volcano would be awesome.

Also lap counter on Neokyo with the short lap would be fun to race!