Virtual shifting on TACX

Although my TACX FLUX does the old ERG mode with workouts, my desire for virtual shifting using the Play controllers is an ask too much?

Definitely not asking too much. It would be a great upgrade, though it sounds like Garmin needs to enhance their firmware to support that.

In the mean time you can use the QZ app to provide virtual shifting on any controllable smart trainer, using the Zwift Play controllers. It also lets you disable braking and use those buttons on the controllers for shifting instead. (


In case others are also not able to purchase the Zwift Play Controllers in their country (I cannot in Canada)…

I am still able to achieve virtual shifting by using the QZ app itself on my phone. You use the “gears tile” in the app to shift up and down.

People are using to ship to Canada.

You’ll not get the benefits of warranty cover per se but at least it gets you a set.

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This was the reply I was on Instagram when I queried virtual shifting coming to other trainers.
As Paul has said above it will require a firmware update on the trainer which is the manufacturers decision to make.

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