Virtual Reality view using headset (first person shooter view)

with the cost of VR headset becoming cheaper (see google cardboard)  can Swift have a 1st person shooter view? using a VR headset?  see what one gamer has done using google maps here…

BTW I don’t mean use google maps , use your brilliant VR world, just adjust the perspective to be on the bike instead of just behind the rider. and use a cheap VR headset for ones smart phone. 

that would be awesome.


Zwift has prototyped it, but that is as far as it has gotten. GCN got to play with it a little bit:


Saw a prototype at the cycle show in Birmingham. It was on dedicated VR hardware and worked really well. They told me it was purely an early prototype

Has anything happened about this? These posts were from over a year ago and the footage from GCN was using an Oculus Rift which are now widespread (as are HTC Vives). With the advent of Microsoft’s new VR programme it is due to become even more popular.

Zwift would seem like a no-brainer for VR support as it is all about involvement - feeling you are part of something rather than just riding alone in your bedroom. I left Zwift a while ago because of lack of use - I didn’t find it really added that much to involvement after a while, but I would come right back if it supported VR as that truly would make you feel like you were there.

I suspect one problem could be the inefficiency of the Zwiift graphics code - it uses 100% CPU+GPU to display a basic world already so unless they get someone to make that more efficient it’ll be hard to support VR with decent graphics settings that would get you feeling like it is reality.